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    Carpet Cleaning Specialist

    The Pleasant Hill carpet cleaning technician assigned to you are well trained. Here’s what you can expect of them:

    1. Our cleaning technicians will examine your carpet and from their findings, they will decide the best method for your carpet in order to preserve its quality. This method also lets you know what we can or can’t do.
    2. To move your furniture. Where necessary, we’ll move and replace your furniture to their original position.
    3. To pay attention to every spot and stains. 
    4. With our Rotovac equipment, you can expect the cleaning job to be quick and thorough. No stain has a prayer.
    5. We will inspect the carpet along with you in order to ensure that a satisfactory cleaning was done.
    6. You can also expect us to place foils or blocks under the furniture legs to keep them from absorbing moisture from the carpet during the drying process. This also keeps the carpet from getting soiled.

    Pleasant Hill Carpet Cleaning utilizes the Rotovac technology that combines the delicate action of the rotary nylon cleaning brushes, jet spray and powerful suction! No other device can super clean like a rotovac!

    Say good bye to your filthy Carpets

    We are Spot Removal Experts!

    Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

    Tile and grout flooring require different methods from the water or steam pressure methods that most cleaners use. These methods can inflict damage on tile and grout flooring.

    Pleasant Hill Carpet Cleaning on the other hand utilize the Rotovac! The amazing thing about the Rotovac machine we use is that we can easily switch to a completely different cleaning head to clean your carpet.


    Get Sparkly Clean Floor and tiles

    Tile Cleaning Services


    Your technician checks for permanent potential stains and damage and notify you. When cleaning, as part of the routine, they vacuum the upholstered furniture, and treat the stains they’ve discovered during inspection. Taking note of the kind of fabric that your furniture is made of to insure, the proper cleaning process is done. You can inspect our work afterwards.

    Relying on our experts for your upholstery cleaning and maintenance needs. This is the best investment you can get for your furniture.

    Upholstery Cleaning Pleasant Hill

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