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Bait and Switch Carpet Cleaning

Most companies are out to make quick cash by whatever means necessary. One of the tricks they use is the ‘bait-n-switch’ technique.

You feel good about that $6.95 per room coupon you’ve received on Val Pak or via mail. You wonder how and probably why they’re ready to provide services for such a low rate. Speaking from many years of experience in the business, they most certainly can’t. The gas alone required to fuel their vehicles to your home will cause such company to run at a loss. Not to mention the cleaning agents that are needed to provide the services. No, it just can’t happen. That company will go bankrupt and run out of business sooner than later.

The reason why they can ‘offer’ service for rates as low as that is the ‘bait-n-switch’ technique. Let me illustrate this: the carpets in Josh’s living room and bedroom are eyesores with spots here and there and he’s totally clueless on what to do. Then luckily for him, he receives a coupon that promises great carpet cleaning services for $6.95. Excitedly, he contacts the firm for their services with his coupon. He’ll only have to pay at most $14 for both rooms! They come to his home. It’s like a dream come true-his carpets are going to take on a new look. Then they inform him the rates are for the ‘basic steam cleaning’, the sugar-coated term for clear water washing. But here’s the thing: without the recommended cleaning agent, you can never properly wash out even the lightest of stains on a carpet. And that’s a professional speaking.

They have the emulsifiers and preconditioners in their trucks. They tell Josh using them will procure an additional cost of $75. What?! All the way from $6. Talk less of the charges for moving his furniture and high pressure washing. He also has to pay for the travel charge, and the lousy job the technicians will do since they hire right off from the street. All charges race up to $300. Josh just can’t believe it. The crushing disappointment of having his hopes dashed is unbelievable.

These companies pay their technicians on a commission basis. Yeah, right. Commissions from up sells. They get sued over and over, reappearing under a different company name.

With Pleasant Hill Carpet Cleaning you can save yourself all the disappointment Josh went through. Our highly trained technicians have what it takes to provide you with the best carpet cleaning services. With our uber high quality services, satisfaction is the response we aim to get from you. The price you’re quoted is what you pay. Guard yourself from the bait-n-switch companies – serious trouble. Call Pleasant Hill Carpet Cleaning now on 925-238-2486