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Carpet Cleaning Services in Pleasant Hill, CA

There’s only so much daily vacuuming can do on your carpeting. Sure it can clean up dry soil and debris, but oily soils, stain, soot and particles generated from cooking will prove difficult for vacuum cleaning. If oily contaminants are neglected, they will build up and become difficult to clean; your carpet becomes an unbearable sight.

To prevent this from happening, we at Pleasant Hill Carpet Cleaning advise that you engage in regular deep cleaning of your carpet. This will give your carpet a fresh and clean look

Your carpet also affects the quality of air within your home. If your carpet is laced with dust mites, pet fur and other allergens, there’s a very good chance that the air will be impure. Therefore, regular deep cleaning of your carpet will improve the quality of air in your home.

In order to prepare your carpet for deep cleaning, you have to move small and fragile items from the area that needs to be cleaned.

The Pleasant Hill Carpet Cleaning technicians assigned to you are well trained. Here’s what you can expect of them:

  1. Our cleaning technicians will examine your carpet and from their findings, they will decide the best method for your carpet in order to preserve its quality. This method also lets you know what we can or can’t do.
  2. To move your furniture. Where necessary, we’ll move and replace your furniture to their original position.
  3. To pay attention to every spot and stains. Prior to the cleaning, we will apply cleaning solutions on the entire carpet.
  4. With our Rotovac equipment, you can expect the cleaning job to be quick and thorough. No stain has a prayer.
  5. We will inspect the carpet along with you in order to ensure that a satisfactory cleaning was done.
  6. You can also expect us to place foils or blocks under the furniture legs to keep them from absorbing moisture from the carpet during the drying process. This also keeps the carpet from getting soiled.

In order to decrease the drying time, it is required of you to maintain the rooms temperature at about 72 degrees and keep the air around the cleaned carpet circulating with fans.

Tile Cleaning Services

Tile and grout flooring require different methods from the water or steam pressure methods that most cleaners use. These methods can inflict damage on tile and grout flooring.

Pleasant Hill Carpet Cleaning on the other hand utilize the Rotovac which combines the delicate action of the rotary nylon cleaning brushes, jet spray and the powerful suction power of its vacuum slots to clean tiles and grout. As the work requires, either cold or hot water is sprayed at high pressure while the nylon brush bristles work on the tiles or grout. The vacuum slots suck back the water mixed with grit and grime. You can imagine what the results will be!

The amazing thing about the Rotovac machine we use is that we can easily switch to a completely different cleaning head to clean your carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Checks for permanent potential stains and damage will be carried it by our technicians. When cleaning, as part of the routine, they will first of all vacuum the upholstered furniture, and treat the stains they’ve discovered during inspection. Taking note of the kind of fabric that your furniture is made of, the proper cleaning process is carried out. You can inspect our work afterwards.

Relying on our experts for your upholstery cleaning and maintenance needs is the best investment you can get for your furniture.

What to do to Improve the Lifespan of Your Upholstered Furniture

The lifespan of your upholstered furniture can be elongated if you follow these guidelines:

  • Should any spill occur, quickly wipe it off.
  • Buildup of grime can be prevented if you vacuum and brush your upholsteries weekly.
  • Move upholstered furniture from direct sunlight. The UV-rays from direct sunlight can fade out the colors of the furniture
  • Turning over your cushions weekly will help your cushions retain their shapes.

We deal in carpet and hard floor cleaning which we do with utmost care an attention denial. We are very proud of the quality of service we deliver – top notch – and we look forward to delivering that quality of service to you.  Call Pleasant Hill Carpet Cleaning on 925-238-2486. You most certainly will not be disappointed.